Montenegro 2011

model Alfio 77 models
make up & hair Magda Okińczyc
styling Wenda Torenbosch
art direction & photography Erica Baltimore

jacket – People of the Labyrinths
pants – Surface to Air
sneakers – Palladium
bracelet – Johnny Ramli
People of the Labyrinths
Johnny Ramli
Surface to Air

Nozomi 2008

60 x 60 cm
photo on dibond mount with u- frame and satin layer.

Octopus 2006
Photography Erica Baltimore

Reminiscence 2015

Artist in Residence 2015 at the radio and television program De Torenkamer in Amsterdam. During a week I have written a monoloque part of the start of my filmproject Reminiscence and made some fine art photography which is an illustration of the atmosphere of this film.
Dimension 70X50 cm Dibond

jacket by King Louie Exota
photography & retouch
Erica Baltimore

Coloured memory 2008

photography & art direction
Erica Baltimore

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