Storybox 2019

For Theater de Vaillant Storybox 2019.
A still of a compilation of the interviews during International Women’s day 2019 (soon online).
Image, Sound & Edit Erica Baltimore & stagiaire Marjolein Schrurs.

De Praatpaal gaat digitaal (2017).

This happy video was about making people aware that the” Praatpaal” Dutch for Talks Pole will dissapear and there will be a new app of ANWB which will take the place of this historical Dutch Talks Pole” Praatpaal”.

For ANWB in collaboration with Fresh Bridge agency in the Hague.
I was the director, producer and did the casting of 4 people.

Her Innerview 2014
Trailer from Erica Baltimore on Vimeo.

“Her Innerview”
Synopsis Cécile Margotti, a young lonely woman who lives in a vicious circle until a baby appears in her life.

Shown at NFF 2014 (Dutch Film Festival) in Utrecht, the Netherlands.
Duration: 8 minutes, without dialogue.

Film project directed, produced,casting, distribution by Erica Baltimore is supported by AFK (Amsterdam Fund for the Arts), Cam-a-lot (digital cinema rental equipment) and Ellis Faas. Made together with a crew and cast with 26 people.

Alsof ik er niet echt was 2016.Film still with actrice Birgit Schuurmans.

Synopsis: Grown up Chienna looks back on her stay in an orphanage.
Shown at Lantaren Venster Rotterdam 2016, the Netherlands.
Duration: 4.26 minutes with dialogue, color. (48 Hour Film Project)

Casting, producer & director Erica Baltimore thanks to SKAR and sponsored by LichtMacht.

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