Creating Staged Scenes

She awakes your imagination by creating extra ordinary staged surreal stories / art photos / moving video images that create a societal impact.
Her works are on the cutting edge of a social and imaginary world.
Where everything is possible. She inspires with high quality moving images and let people think about life, themselves and the society we live in. Often the images have a certain atmosphere, the emotion of the viewer is stimulated. Erica is an energetic, positive and communicative personality and not afraid to dive in the unknown.


Erica Baltimore film director & fine art photographer born in (1979) Maisons-Alfort in France.
She graduated from the Arnhem University of the Arts Visual Arts & Design, department Fine art.
During her studies she did an internship with filmmaker Mahmoud Al Massad, known for Shatter Hassan 2001, Recycle 2007. She also did an internship with photographer & video installation artist Ine Lamers.
Her short art film “Her Innerview” premiered in 2014 at the Netherlands Film Festival in Utrecht, a fictional / surreal film without dialogue.
In 2014 she was one of the finalists of ShortsTV & in 2015 she wrote a monologue “Reminiscence” accompanied by screenwriter & director Chris Westendorp known among others the TV series Vechtershart. In 2017 the Social Media Campaign of the ANWB
“De Praatpaal gaat digitaal” has been nominated for an advertising prize that she has directed.
Erica Baltimore is ultimately responsible and the creative brain does the casting of crew & cast. Produces, directs and writes the scenario.

For more info +31(0)6-44710970 or send an email with your request to info@ericabaltimore.com

IMDB http://m.imdb.com/name/nm7270729/filmotype/director?ref_=m_nmfm_1
Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ericabaltimore/

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