Social media campagne ANWB 2017

freelance for Fresh Bridge client ANWB ( AAA road service)
casting, producer & director Erica Baltimore

Alsof ik er niet echt was 2016

Short fiction film made during 48 Hour Film project Rotterdam 2016.
Synopsis: Grown up Chienna looks back on her stay in an orphanage.
Film has been shown at Lantaren Venster Rotterdam( 2016), the Netherlands.
Casting, producer & director Erica Baltimore thanks to SKAR and sponsored by LichtMacht

"Alsof ik er niet echt was" trailer from Erica Baltimore on Vimeo.

Her Innerview

The film has been shown at NFF 2014( Netherlands Film Festival 2014) and Short&Sweet Amsterdam (2015). Synopsis: Her Innerview is a short fiction/art film about Cécile Margotti, a young and insecure woman, who lives in a vicious circle until a baby appears in her life.
“Her Innerview” film project directed, produced & casting by Erica Baltimore is supported by AFK (Amsterdam Fund for the Arts), Cam-a-lot (digital cinema rental equipment) and Ellis Faas.

Her Innerview – Trailer- from Erica Baltimore on Vimeo.

"Her Innerview" Film from Erica Baltimore on Vimeo.